Energy Performance Certificates & SBEM


SBEMAn Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is intended to inform potential buyers or tenants about the energy performance of a building, so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or occupy that building.

An EPC will provide an energy rating for a building which is based on the performance potential of the building itself (the fabric) and its services (such as heating, ventilation and lighting). The energy rating given on the certificate reflects the intrinsic energy performance standard of the building relative to a benchmark which can then be used to make comparisons with comparable properties. It is accompanied by a recommendation report, which provides recommendations on how the energy performance of the building could be enhanced, together with an indication of the payback period.

From 1st October 2008 whenever a building is constructed, sold or rented out, an Energy Performance Certificate detailing its Energy Performance Asset Rating must be made available.


An SBEM calculation is an energy calculation tool for the purposes of assessing & demonstrating compliance with the Building Regulations (Part L). The energy consumption data produced can be used in the design process to assist in making informed decisions with regard to selection of systems and controls.