Display Energy Certificates

DECA Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is only required for a building with a total useful floor area over 1,000m2 which is occupied by a public authority or institution providing a public service to, or visited by a large number of persons. It is a statutory requirement that a DEC is publicly displayed in a prominent location. Once produced, a DEC is lodged on a national register and is allocated a unique reference number.

A DEC show’s the actual energy usage of a building (known as the Operational Rating) and by open display of the certificate shows the energy efficiency of a specific building. The building’s Operational Rating is based on the actual energy consumption of the building as recorded by gas and electricity utility bills and by metering other fuel usage where applicable. A DEC is always accompanied by an Advisory Report that provides the building user with cost effective measures to improve the Operational Rating of the building.

A DEC is valid for one year from date of lodgment; the accompanying Advisory Report is valid for seven years from that date.

The requirement for Display Energy Certificates came into effect from 1st October 2008.